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Address: 10770 State Highway 30 Suite 200 College Station, Texas

Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Certified MikroTik, Ubiquiti, Redline, TV White Space, Cambium WISP networking equipment distributor and wholesaler based out of Texas.
Long Business Description:

We are the ISP Supplies, LLC, we are providing telecommunication, network design, network maintenance, network infrastructure, fixed wireless networking equipment, and services to Worlds’ biggest WISPs, TV operators and several other Industries from the beginning, that’s why our customers love us.

Our Services are
Antennas, Cellular Modems, Cellular, 3G, 4G, LTE, Installation Equipment, Education, Training, Consulting, Enclosures-Indoor & Outdoor, Infrastructure, Remote Power, Solar & Wind, Power Systems & POE, Routers, Switches & Modems, VoIP, Network Expansion,
Fiber Products, PTP Backhauls & PTMP Systems, RouterBoards & SBC’s, Network Cabling & Accessories, Surveillance & Automation, Remote Power, Solar & Wind, etc.

Our Manufacturer brands are
ALGcom, APC, ATTABOX, Airspan, Alpha Wireless, Amerite, Antel Antenna, Arc Wireless
BaiCells, Cambium Networks, Comet Antennas, Compex, Digital Loggers, Easy Up, Exalt, Grandstream, LSINTECH, IOIOBox, ISP Supplies, IgniteNet, Itelite, Jirous, Just Slim, KAM Fabrication, KP Performance, L-Com, Laird Technologies, Learn MikroTik, MTI Wireless Edge, Mccown, MikroTik, Mimosa Networks, Netonix, PC Engines, Perfect Vision, PoE Texas, Poynting, Primus Cable, QuWireless, RF Armor, RF Elements, Racom, RadioWaves, ReadyNet, Redline Communications, Rohn, SAF Tehnika, SIAE, Shireen, Siklu, TP-Link, Telrad, Teltonika, Titan Wireless, Tripp Lite, Tycon Systems, Ubiquiti Networks, WaveGuard, Winegard, Wireless-Tek Technology, Yealink

Business Website Address: www.ispsupplies.com
Business Phone Number: 8559477776
Business Fax: 866-585-2175