Wine Storage Facility

Wine Cellar Specialists
858 W. Armitage Ave. Ste 385 Chicago, IL
At Wine Cellar Specialists, we take care of all your wine storage needs. We specialize in building custom wine cellars, wine cabinets, custom wine racks, wine cellar art, providing wine inventory systems, wine refrigeration systems, wine dispensing systems and more.

Building a custom wine cellar requires careful planning. Choosing the right material and technique for construction is important to achieve the ideal environment that is suitable for wine storage and aging. When you work with the best wine cellar builder in Chicago, you get the best offers and options related to wine storage and refrigeration. Don’t look any further and trust Wine Cellar Specialists! We are your experts in custom wine cellar construction, refrigeration, and maintenance services.

Since the start of the business in 2010, we have become one of the leading experts in the industry. We provide Wine Inventory Systems, Wine Dispensing Systems, Custom Wine Cabinets, Pre-manufactured Wine Cabinets, Refrigeration Systems, Ladders for Wine Cellars, Wine Cellar
Table Tops, Flooring for Wine Cellars, Wine Cellar Art, Custom Wine Racks and more.

Visit our website at to learn more about our products and services and call us at 773-234-0112 to have one of our experts talk to you. If you’re thinking about having the wine cellar you’ve always wanted, call Wine Cellar Specialists!