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A global leader in the supply of wholesale sunglasses, CTS is based in Salem, Oregon. From wholesale glasses, displays, and accessories, to lighters, caps, and more, CTS is your one stop shop for all your wholesale needs for various events. Having been in the industry for more than twenty five years, the company is an expert in wholesaling and are also experienced re-sellers at festivals and fairs along the Pacific Northwest region.

Globally, CTS is established in the United States of America, Canada, British Columbia, Europe, and Australia. Although the company has a strong foothold in its field, it prides itself on keeping customers at the highest priority, always. With strong business ethics, the company boasts of a very high customer satisfaction rate as compared to other players in the field. CTS develops new and innovative ways to help their customers in a better way and to provide them with only the best products. Prompt shipping and low pricing are the key principles the company stands by, and the knowledge gained from all those year of service have only helped the company stay dedicated to customer service. The staff at CTS prides itself on knowing firsthand about each product they sell and the venues the products are finally sold in, so that they are able to serve you better.

CTS Wholesale Sunglasses
CTS Wholesale Sunglasses