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Mosaic Media Films is more than a video production company in Austin we’re a team of creative artists with a marketing soul. What does that mean for you? Simply we’ll create series of amazing videos that will look cinematic but more importantly are designed to connect with your audience that will help increase conversion. So that means more calls more appointments and more sales. As the highest rated video production company in Austin with 3X as many 5 star reviews on Google we make sure every client has a positive and memorable experience from conception to completion. Unlike other video companies where you have to choose quality price or speed; with us you can literally get all three. With our shot style creative editing and professional polish we’ll craft a video that is worthy of representing your life’s work. When it comes to pricing we’re 73% less expensive than other video companies and about 10X less expensive then a typical agency. Excited about getting your videos up and running with your marketing initiatives? Well we are too which is why on average we turn-around your video from shoot to first edit within 2 weeks – That’s faster than a photographer who takes a couple snap shots and 4 times faster than other video companies. Unlike other video guys who simply shoot edit and pass you a video file and walk away our approach is totally different. We start with the end in mind and collaborate with you on creating a series of video that can be effectively leveraged with your existing marketing initiatives. This way when the videos are completed we’ll have a sound strategy on where and how they will be marketed online. Not sure on how to use them other then putting them on your site? That’s were we come in either directly or indirectly. We’ll strategize walk you through and guide you through the best practices of utilizing your videos to maximize your ROI. Our helpful guides videos and included consultations will get you up and running in the right path to maximize success as soon as they are launched online. Do you need a little more robust assistance? We collaborate with some of the best SEO Website developers social media strategist and advertising gurus in the area so can take your video marketing to the next level. As a business owner you’ve taken the risks gone against the grain grinding for years and spent countless hours refining your craft. We believe that your life’s work deserves an amazing video. We’d be honored to share your story and help you thrive in your business so you can continue to live your passion. Give us a call at 512-720-8453 so we can connect strategize and create an array of videos that will help take your business to the next level.
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