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Apex Power Washing Ann Arbor
Address: Ann Arbor, MI
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Short Business Description: Apex Power Washing Ann Arbor provides residential and commercial power washing and pressure washing services in and around Ann Arbor, MI.
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About Us
Are you interested in our power washing services? Apex Power Washing Ann Arbor provides the best power washing services in Michigan. We have a team of trained and experienced professional cleaners ready to start your project today. We are available for commercial and residential cleaning services today. Power washing will improve the curb appeal of any property. It will also help promote health by getting rid of unwanted dirt, grime, mold, mildew and bacteria. We offer affordable and fast power washing services. Feel free to email or call our team today to learn more about our servics.

Our Services
Would you like to learn more about our company, products and services? Apex Power Washing Ann Arbor is a full-service power washing and cleaning company. We provide power washing solutions for commercial and residential customers in Ann Arbor MI. Our team is available to clean and beautify your home. Power washing can be used to clean the exterior of your home, your driveway, patios, decks and fences. Your home will look brand new after our power washing services. We are also available for commercial cleanings and have experience cleaning commercial kitchens and bathrooms. You can learn more about all our services below.

Business Website Address: https://www.apexpowerwashinga2.com/
Business Phone Number: 734-514-4900
Loud Bros Pressure Washing
Address: 502 N Madison St, Clinton, IL, 61727, USA

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Best Local Pressure Washing Company – Loud Bros Pressure Washing Call Us Today For Power Washing And Pressure Washing Needs At 309-808-2135 Open 7AM – 9PM

Business Email : cs@loudbros.com

Business Website Address: https://loudbrospressurewashing.com/
Business Phone Number: (309) 808-2135
Power washing
Address: 26A Chestnut Street
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Short Business Description: Professional window cleaning company based in Quincy, MA. Serving Milton, MA and the South Shore. We offer residential and commercial window cleaning at affordable prices. We also offer services such as: gutter cleaning, roof and solar panel cleaning, and power washing.
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Providing interior and exterior window cleaning solutions to commercial and residential customers in Milton MA and on the South Shore. Using quality products and techniques, ability to clean those hard to reach places. Able to handle commercial clients with floor to ceiling windows, such as automobile dealerships and retail shops. Additional services offered include: roof, gutter, and solar panel cleaning. Power washing services available for home exterior, decks, driveways and parking lots, and more. Professional staff results, rates that are competitive.

Business Website Address: Milton MA Window Cleaning Service
Business Phone Number: 781-217-3121
Suds Power Washing
Address: 1456 Stewart Road,
Thomasville, Georgia
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Short Business Description: Business located in Thomasville Ga, and serving the surrounding areas in pressure washing, power washing and other deep cleaning services.
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SUDS Power Washing, LLC is the Premier Pressure Washing Contractor located in Thomasville, GA serving the Southwest Georgia and North Florida Panhandle area. Our business is locally owned and operated by the father and son team, Glen & Steve Belvin.

SUDS Power Washing, LLC was created by what we believe to be divine happenstance. In late 2014/early 2015 our sister company, JP&T Landscape and Lawn Care, was awarded a contract to clean an entire neighborhood of homes, 48 to be exact. Because of this, we saw there was a need in the local community for a company whose sole purpose was to provide professional pressure washing and soft washing services. And so, SUDS Power Washing, LLC was born. Ever since that time, we haven’t looked back and we keep getting busier each year.

Every day, we run our business according to the following philosophy which was passed down by my father, Glen Belvin, “If you’re going to do something, do it right the first time. If you make a mistake, fine, go back and fix it, make it right son.”

Business Website Address: https://sudspw.com/
Business Phone Number: 229-224-6899
Bowen Services LLC
Address: 253 Garfield St. Somerset
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Short Business Description: Bowen Services LLC is a customer service focused maintenance services provider.
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Give us a call at (651)300-2053 for your FREE Quote! As you can see from the images below, having your roof cleaned can have dramatic visual results! Aside from aesthetics, roof cleaning is necessary to assure that you get the proper life from your roof, keep your A/C expenses lower, and for health reasons. The culprit causing your roof to discolor here in the Twin Cities area and look so bad is algae, and it WILL shorten the life of your roof, it WILL make your shingle roof darker and thus hotter from the sun’s rays. This will make your home hotter, as well as speed the deterioration of your shingles. We use only ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) approved roof cleaning solutions, as well as specialized roof cleaning equipment designed to clean your roof while keeping it safe from damage. ARMA cautions against using pressure washing equipment on your roof. We do not use any type of pressure washer on your roof. We do not use damaging roof cleaning products that require pressurized water to complete the cleaning. We take every precaution necessary to protect your plants and the exterior of your home. Unlike most of our “competitors”, we employ the use of a ground person to keep the house and foliage well rinsed during and after the roof is treated. This will assure that your plants will not die, your house will not be damaged, and no one will be injured during the cleaning process. Do you really want some inexperienced part time pressure washing contractor falling off your roof while you’re at work and then blaming you for his lack of experience and safety? We have seen it many times, an inexperienced part time pressure washer on a customer’s roof here in Minnesota and Wisconsin blasting away at full pressure, using little or no cleaning chemicals or algaecides, and causing damage to a shingle or tile roof that likely won’t be noticed for years. Don’t be a victim of inexperience. With Bowen Services LLC, you can “Experience the Difference, Because the Difference is many years of Experience!” Ask about our annual maintenance program! Our cleaning system will keep your roof algae free for quite some time, but nothing will stop the algae from eventually beginning to grow again in your roof’s surface, long before it becomes visible to the eye. By that time, the algae is well rooted into the surface of your shingle, and has already been degrading the integrity of your shingles for months or years. After your initial roof cleaning, we can apply, at a significant discount, an annual re-treatment to kill the algae that has already begun to grow back. This will assure that your roof will last as long as possible.
Why not call us at 651-300-2053 or Fill out the form below and receive a free, no obligation estimate by telephone on making your roof beautiful again.

Bowen Services LLC will NEVER use any form of Pressure Washing For Roof Cleaning!
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What Are Those Black Streaks On My Roof ?
It’s a living organism, a Cyanobacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma, which is a type of bacteria. This is commonly referred to as “fungus or mildew growth” here in the Minnesota/Wisconsin area. The discoloration can have green or brown to black appearance, and is commonly mistaken for dirt or soot. This bacteria like algae has tiny root systems that work their way into the pores of your tiles, and wrap around the granules of your shingle roof, weakening fibers and wearing off the lime stone granules embedded in the shingles, thus shortening it’s life. They also feed on the organic material found in your shingles. The longer these microbial growths stay on your roof, the more damage they will do.

How Does it Get On My Roof ?
Gloeocapsa Magma Algae is spread by wind and animals, and grows from a dot to a spot to a streak. Increased moisture levels lead to the growth of lichen, mold and even moss.

Why Should I Clean My Roof ?
Cleaning your roof seasonally will extend the life of your roof, reduces energy costs, and increases the curb appeal of your home. It’s also a healthier environment for you and your family.

Does Bowen Services LLC Use Safe Cleaning Techniques ?
Absolutely! Our Roof Cleaning System complies with recommendations and guidelines of the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) for Safe Roof Cleaning. All roofs are cleaned with the right equipment, safety gear, and knowledge. I am fully trained and a member of the RCIA (Roof Cleaning Institute Of America), PWRA (Pressure Washing Resource Association), and the UAMCC (United Association Of Mobile Contract Cleaners) I am fully Insured and also a Thumbtack Top Pro!

Can I Just Pressure Wash My Roof ?
Tile and Shingle Roofs should NEVER be pressure washed. Pressure washing damages your roof shingles by blasting away the granules,Typically roofs that have been pressure washed here in Minnesota/Wisconsin, will need to be cleaned again in as little as one year, depending on the amount of rainfall. All pressure washing does is scatter the still living algae from your roof all over the place thus causing more damage to your shingles.

How Much Will it Cost To Clean My Roof ?
Each house is evaluated individually. Size, pitch, and type of the roof, type and amount of landscaping, gutters or no gutters, and also shingle color, are all factors taken into consideration in determining price. We give you your roof cleaning cost, right over the phone. We even come out and inspect each job. We do offer FREE, no obligation estimates as well as matching our competitors prices.*

How Do I Keep My Roof Clean In The Future ?
Unfortunately your tile, shingle, or metal roof will get dirty again, and sometimes much faster than the first time. This is because as a shingle roof ages, it looses it’s protective granules that help keep this Algae from regrowing. Bowen Services LLC offers low cost maintenance programs, to help keep your roof looking new, and help it last as long as possible. We use our exclusive Algae, Mold, and Mildew prevention chemical, that is applied to clean, or brand new tile or asphalt shingle roofs. We also offer a 2 year warranty against the return of Gloeocapsa Magma Algae stains.

Call us at 651-300-2053 for non pressure washing of Stone Coated Steel, Decra Tile Roofs, GranuTile, Gerard, and Non Pressure Chemical Cleaning for Metro Roofing Products. We also clean GAF Shingle Roofing, TruSlate, PolyGlass, Monier Life Tile, US Tile, Boral, Metro Roof Products, as well as Gerard Roofing Stone Coated Steel.

Our roof cleaning services include Non Pressure Soft Washing of asphalt and fiberglass roofing shingles .. Non Pressure ARMA approved Roof Cleaning of flat cement roofing tiles .. Barrel, Clay, Slate, and Terra Cotta tile roof chemical cleaning .. steep residential and commercial shingle roof cleaning .. bituminous flat roof chemical washing .. Soft Wash soffit and fascia cleaning .. non pressure mildew removal and prevention treatment for asphalt shingle, tile, metal roofs, and all exterior surfaces ..

*For price matching we require a current written competitor estimate and proof of approved cleaning techniques.

Business Website Address: Bowen Services LLC
Business Phone Number: 6513002053
Green Pro Services
Address: 835 Santa Maria Dr Quincy, IL 62305, USA
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Green Pro Power Washing offers the best home cleaning services in Quincy, Illinois.
We offer the very best trained professionals and equipment to take care of all your homes’ exterior cleaning needs.
We perform a variety of home services including power washing, roof cleaning, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and house washing.
Wherever dirt and algae have affected the appearance of your home, Green Pro Services will clean it up in a timely and effective manner.

Business Email:callgreenpro@gmail.com

Working hours :Monday – Friday : 8AM–5PM ; Saturday-Sunday : Closed

Business Website Address: http://callgreenpro.com
Business Phone Number: (217)387-3654
Exterior painting
Address: 202 W Marcy Street, Suite #200
Santa Fe, NM
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Short Business Description: Providing interior and exterior painting services for commercial and residential clients in the Santa Fe, NM area. Reasonable rates for high quality work. Also offering minor carpentry and power washing services.
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Providing exceptional painting services to residential and commercial customers in Santa Fe, NM and the surrounding cities. Interior and exterior painting with premium materials and products. In addition to painting, we also do wood sealing and staining. Superior quality work at affordable prices. Our professional staff will assist you in selecting the colors, textures, and styles that would best suit your office or home. They can also help you decide whether painting or staining is the better option. All prep work, such as covering furniture or power washing the exterior, done by our team. Upon request, minor carpentry work can be done prior to painting or staining, since it doesn’t make sense to paint over a damaged area. Wood restoration solutions also available.

Business Website Address: Santa Fe Painters
Business Phone Number: 505-375-6920