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Performance Rx Sports Care
14081 Yorba St, #106, Tustin, CA
At PRX Sports Care, we will help your function at the highest level of performance through modern chiropractic care for the athlete.

At Performance RX Sports Care, we will help your function at the highest level of performance through modern Chiropractic Care for the athlete. Our team specializes in the most advanced chiropractic care available. Utilizing the newest technologies such as Laser Therapy and Active Release Technique (ART) which allow us to get your better faster. Performance RX Sports Care was founded by an Athlete and knows how to treat athletes. We know what needs to be done to keep you functioning at the highest level possible. From Chiropractic Care to Personal Training we have to options that will work best for you. We believe that by understanding the Biomechanics of athletes from all sports helps us to understand the root cause of pain. No matter what your level, we give you the time and quality of care a PRO athlete would receive.
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Beyond Physical Training
6036 Boul Metropolitain E, Saint-Léonard, Quebec
H1S 1A9

Beyond Physical offers a personalized training approach based on guidance, motivation, and encouragement to push you harder, achieve more, and excel! With our cutting-edge facility staffed with highly qualified trainers, we offer only the most effective programs. Our training ensures that you will feel and look your absolute best!
110-45 Queens Blvd , Suite 109, Forest Hills, New York

We are a online fitness company, our main objective is to help people get into the best shape of their lives. We have three programs based around how many times per week you’re looking to work with your personal trainer – Core and Stabilization, Lean and Toned, and Transformation. For More Details check our website

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252 Tuthill Street
West Haven


Personal training providing 1-on-1 training, customized workout plans, and nutritional guidance to help you reach all of your fitness goals.
Better Life Training
1230 W Morehead St.312
Better Life Training is the fastest growing resource for business, life, and sports performance coaches and subject matter professionals.

Better Life Training is all about creating connections. We help individuals and businesses who are in search of something – support, guidance, and direction – find the professional trained to guide and support them as they reach for their goals.

Our community includes: life coaches, business/executive coaches, sports coaches as well as sports and training academies, corporate trainers, human resources professionals, healthcare professionals, health and fitness trainers and coaches, sports performance trainers.

Business Coaches Florida
Secret Formula Fitness
1192 Liberty Avenue, Hillside, New Jersey

Secret Formula Fitness is one of the World’s Best Private Fitness Facilities/Gyms in New Jersey with over 22 Clients on our website with Over 1,000Lbs Down & Counting. (Visit or We also won the Best in Business Award in the Health Category in New Jersey for 2017. All of our personal trainers are certified with the industries most prestigious certifications and degrees from NASM to Bachelor of Science Degrees in Exercise Science. We offer 1on1, 2on1, Small Group Personal Training and much more. We also provide custom meal plans and advice to make sure you reach your health and fitness goals because “Results Are The Only Option” at Secret Formula Fitness.
MoveStrong Fit
5726 Marlin Road, Suite 420,Chattanooga.

MoveStrong is a U.S. manufacturer of specialty functional fitness training products. Designed for indoor or outdoor use to create the ultimate functional fitness training area or playground. Our philosophy uses primarily bodyweight as resistance along with free-form moving objects to build sound athletic bodies free of pain. Offering versatility in uniquely designed training tools customizable to your space and training needs. We help you move better, stronger, and maximize results safely. Live Life. Move Strong.
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