North shore kauai acupuncture

Dakine hands acupuncture
Ryder Physical Therapy 5-5161 Kuhio Hwy Hanalei, HI 96714
Specializing in sports medicine, I treat a wide variety of injuries to the neck, back, knees along with tendonitis, arthritis, thyroid imbalances, anxiety among many other conditions.

Treats everyone and anyone who may need help with their body or mind, healing them physically and emotionally. Some patients only require one or two treatments while others are an intricate puzzle and, piecing together their patterns helps me treat them to the roots of their issues. Dakine Hands Acupuncture addresses the superficial symptoms and the deeper rooted problems with many techniques in addition to acupuncture. Each patient is unique and will require a different treatment protocol from the last. In addition to acupuncture I often also include, Tuina medical massage, lymphatic massage, glass fire cupping massage, guasha jade stone, facial rejuvenation, moxabustion heat therapy, reflexology and tuning forks.

Dakine hands acupuncture