Sydney Podiatry Co
Address: 197 Woodland Street, Balgowlah, NSW
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We often take our feet for granted and don’t really pay much attention to them until something goes wrong. At our Balgowlah podiatry clinic, we specialise in a broad range of foot health services to help get you back on your feet again – with a strong focus on clinical diagnosis, management and rehabilitation. Your lifestyle.

At Podiatry Co, we believe healthy feet are a necessity, not a luxury. When you consider how much time we spend on our feet on a daily basis, it makes sense to look after them as best we can. Whether you have bone and joint disorders, muscular pathologies, diabetic foot, circulatory diseases or skin and nail conditions, our specialist team of podiatrists can help restore your feet back to complete health.

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Business Phone Number: (02) 9949 3327
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Brisbane West Osteopath
Address: 151 Boundary Rd, Bardon, QLD

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Short Business Description: Brisbane West Osteopath is an osteopathy clinic in Brisbane servicing the North Western suburbs including Bardon, Ashgrove, Kedron, Indooroopilly and Taringa.
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Brisbane West Osteopath is an osteopathy clinic in Brisbane servicing the North Western suburbs including Bardon, Ashgrove, Kedron, Indooroopilly and Taringa. Brisbane West Osteopathy uses a uses a system of diagnosis and treatment called Osteo Diagnostic Platform (ODP). ODP was developed by the principal of the practice, Brisbane Osteopath Dr. Joachim Enevoldsen. Although we treat musculoskeletal conditions in all areas of the body and patients of all ages at our Brisbane Osteopath clinic, we have a particular interest in complex chronic conditions.

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Business Phone Number: (07) 3368 1300
Lake Hamilton Family and Sports Chiropractic
Address: 1880 Airport rd suite B, Hot Springs, AR
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Here at Lake Hamilton Family and Sports Chiropractic and Ashdown Chiropractic our goal is to significantly improve the body’s ability to function and decrease the pain of every patient that comes into our office. We understand that movement is the key to staying healthy, functional, and pain-free. Pain is not normal and can be improved by making changes in the most basic and simple levels. We do this by evaluating and treating all the contributing root factors related to your issue. Through adjusting, lengthening, strengthening, and mobilizing various muscles and joints, we will restore you to pain-free health, quickly and easily. Our highly experienced, licensed chiropractor Dr. Kight will help you create and accomplish your goals if you’re looking for a chiropractor in Hot Springs AR. Dr. Kight’s clinical focuses are to care for patients infant to elderly with arthritis, headaches, neck, back pain, certain neurological and/or balance deficits, increase bio-mechanical function for athletes as well as those who are pregnant to alleviate pain and increase function, sports specific injuries, and to help every patient to achieve overall well-being.Dr. Kight is a big proponent in proactive care toward athletic performance or increasing a patient ability to reach a specific functional goal. From something as simple as lifting their child, orachieving a new personal record in a sport. Dr. Kight prides himself on the advanced chiropractic techniques that will keep your family healthy for years to come. At both chiropractic offices, we value a holistic approach to family chiropractic services. What this means is that unlike other chiropractors we examine your body as a whole, rather than in individual segments, to see how it is functioning as an entire unit. We understand how the alignment of one part of your body affects other parts of your body and aim to create congruency.Our Family chiropractic practices cover a wide array of issues such as neck pain, back pain, sciatica and much more. In addition to providing you with rehabilitation services, we will assist in providing general lifestyle care that can help you and your family when you’re outside of the office. Many painful conditions can be prevented with regular check-ups with your family chiropractor.After just one visit and session with Dr. Kight, not only will you experience physical differences, but you will see first hand how family chiropractic care is safe for you and your loved ones. Dr. Kight is very friendly and will ensure you’re comfortable throughout your entire visit. If you have experienced any sudden physical trauma, sports injuries, accident injuries or work injuries, contact us today and schedule your first appointment. We want to see you back on the path to recovery today.

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Business Phone Number: 501-762-9648
Address: Statesville

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Health is the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of a living organism. In humans, it is the ability of individuals or communities to adapt and self-manage when facing physical, mental, or social challenges. The most widely accepted definition of good health is that of the World Health Organization Constitution.

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Best Doctors Network – Austin
Address: 3005 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX

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Best Doctors Network is such a best healthcare network that has handled several cases of workers compensation claims and provided the best medical care for the injured employees. Workers Compensation Doctors Clinic is a team of highly qualified physicians and staff specializing in treating patients who have auto and personal injuries, slip-and-fall, or work-related accidents. We have an excellent group of physicians who specialize in a wide range of care. If you want injury relief contact our work compensations doctors’ team. Our services for the workers’ compensation patients.
• Pain mental health evaluations
• Individual psychotherapy
• Auto Injury Procedure
• Whiplash Injury Therapy
• Occupational Carpal Passage Therapy
• Job Solidifying Program
• Occupational Therapist (OT)
• Neurological Surgeon

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Business Phone Number: (512) 454-1800
CPR Certification Charlotte
Address: 933 Louise Ave #101, Charlotte, NC
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Short Business Description: Education, Adult Education, Medical, Health
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We offer CPR Classes and First AID Training in Charlotte North Carolina. Get Hands On In person CPR Training from an American Heart Association BLS Instructor. Get Certified in CPR Today.

Business Phone Number: 704-709-8981
Address: 901 7th Street NW, 4th Floor
Washington, DC
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Despite general public perception, the healthcare system of the United States does not deliver the best care it can (see Health Care Facts on this website). Yet, it is the most expensive healthcare system in the world. The ACA aims to move the healthcare system away from its current episodic, fee-for-service payment approach and towards a coordinated model that is focused on delivering high-quality, low-cost care across the continuum of care. The fee-for-service method of paying for healthcare can create incentives for providers to deliver more care, but not necessarily better care. Developing a payment system that rewards quality outcomes and stewardship of healthcare resources is necessary for America to rein in its costs and improve the overall quality of the healthcare system.

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Business Phone Number: 202-789-7000