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Lenard’s Lawn Care Service
1965 Northgate Commerce Pkwy
Suffolk, VA

Keeping up your lawn can be a chore. At Lenard’s Lawn Care Service, we go the extra-mile delivering world-class landscaping and lawn maintenance service to the Suffolk, VA area. We make it easy to have the yard you want, without the hassle of maintaining, we have you covered. Find out more at
R & L Irrigation Services Inc.
8443 Cannon Rd, Seaford, DE, 19973, USA
R&L Irrigation Services offers Lawn Maintenance, Irrigation Systems, Outdoor Lighting Packages, Hardscaping, and Landscaping services to Sussex County, Delaware and beyond.

R & L Irrigation Services Inc. has been providing the Seaford area with professional and affordable irrigation services for more than 17 years. We use only high-quality products and labor procedures to ensure optimum system performance and customer satisfaction.

We install irrigation systems. Installing automatic sprinklers systems will give you a healthy and green lawn that will be the envy of all of your neighbors.

We provide the best lawn maintenance services. R & L Irrigation offers full-service programs for residential and commercial landscape and turf management. We have all of the necessary tools, products and services to make your lawn healthy and beautiful.

We also are experts at hardscaping. Let us help you bring your dream outdoor entertaining space to life. We build incredible custom spaces for cooking, entertaining, relaxing and more!
(302) 628-3755
Ever Green Outdoor Services
2415 Moores Mill Rd #265
Auburn, Alabama

Ever Green is a full service professional lawn and landscape company specializing in commercial and residential design, installation/construction, maintenance, and irrigation.

Ever Green is a full service professional lawn and landscape company specializing in commercial and residential design, installation/construction, maintenance, and irrigation. We are centrally located in Auburn, Alabama and we now service Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia.
(334) 501-1538
GreenPal Lawn Care
1200 Eton Ct NW,
Washington, DC
Lawn care service

Washington, D.C., formally known as the District of Columbia is still commonly referred to as Washington or just

D.C. This city is the capital of the United States of America. It was founded after the American Revolution and was set as the seat of government for the newly formed independent country. The City of Washington was named after the First President of the United States. Washington is the principal city of the Washington metropolitan area. The population of DC was 6,131,977 according to the 2010 US Census. Washington has been described as an important political capital, which status is undoubted because of its status as the capital of the United States federal government. It is one of the most visited cities in the whole world, harboring over 20 million tourists annually.

As of the signing of the document known as the Residence Act on July 16, 1790, which approved the building of a capital district located along the Potomac River DC was created.

The Constitution of the United States provided a section for a federal district which would be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Congress therefore, the District is therefore not a part of any state.

Two states, the states of Maryland and Virginia each donated a piece of land to form the federal district. This included the two pre- constitution settlements of Georgetown and Alexandria. The city was named in honor of President George Washington, and was founded in 1791 to serve as the new national capital. In the year of 1846, Congress returned the land originally which was ceded by Virginia. An in the year 1871, it created a single municipal government for the remaining portion of the District.

As of 2017 Washington had an estimated population of 693,972. Commuters come from the surrounding VA and MD suburbs raise the city’s daytime population to more than one million during the work week.

(202) 521-9823
Affordable Landscaping and Lawn Care Services
415 Ridgedale Way, Lawrenceville, GA

Affordable Lawn Care Services Lawrenceville is a local company which focuses on customer happiness and commitment more than anything else. We are devoted to delivering high quality service to each and every client. Our company’s specialists are proud of taking care of your lawn and landscape.

Business Hours: Mon-Sat: 7:00am-7:00pm

(404) 596-5770
GreenPal Lawn Care of Columbus
1200 West 5th Avenue, Ste 105

Columbus lawn care professionals compete for your lawn. Compare your pricing and reviews from other GreenPal customers.

Columbus lawn care professionals compete for your lawn. Compare your pricing and reviews from other GreenPal customers. Schedule and Pay online or with your smart phone and never leave a check under the mat again.

(614) 269-5023
GreenPal Lawn Care of Jacksonville
6015 Chester Cir Ste 208,
Jacksonville, FL
Lawn Care Service

Welcome to GreenPal in Jacksonville, Florida. We are the top lawn maintenance website to connect you with lawn maintenance professionals in your area. Whether you need one lawn mowing or need to book a dedicated maintenance team for your landscape, you can find them here. GreenPal is in most U.S. cities, and works hard to bring communities in touch with their local landscaping companies. We do the hard work of interviewing lawn care services, and by the time you sign up for GreenPal, you will already have plenty of options for your lawn work. Each company that applies to GreenPal goes through an interview process, followed by an lawn maintenance equipment inspection. We’ve found that in the past, most of the companies reporting problems rent equipment out, but lawn care companies that received higher reviews owned and maintained their lawn equipment. From here, each company that signs up for GreenPal goes through a tryout. We talk with other GreenPal users who have contracted them for grass cutting services in the past, look over the other lawns they’ve done in Jacksonville, and how reliable a lawn care company they really are. Are they on time? Do they schedule weekly lawn mowing? What other services like shrub and tree pruning, hedge trimming, and fall leaf clean up do they offer? If their lawn maintenance passes these tests, then they can start bidding for your work on GreenPal. Yes, we did say bid. Lawn care services in Jacksonville that sign up on GreenPal give you a quote on the job you need, not the other way around. Sometimes, a lawn care company will offer a blanket service price, say a shrub pruning and a lawn cut, but if you don’t have shrubs to prune, too bad, it’s still included. We see lawn care differently, so we reversed the roles. On GreenPal, if a lawn care company wants your business, they’re going to bid for a job that fits the bill, nothing more nothing less.

Jacksonville is a big city, and we know there’s no point in hiring a yard maintenance company in Lakeside if you live by Neptune beach, so we’ve taken the time to section Jacksonville by its neighborhoods. The neighborhood specific sites are listed here: Lakeside, Ponte Verda, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach. GreenPal’s services don’t stop at lawn mowing, either. Many yard maintenance companies in Jacksonville are skilled in all kinds of lawn care services, from customized hedging to gardening. There’s no shortage of lawn care professionals in your area, we can assure you of that. Even if you want a full-scale, yard beautification and garden installation, there’s bound to be someone on GreenPal that is the right fit. No matter how inventive you want your yard, you can always be sure the companies we put on GreenPal are qualified to do a good job. GreenPal is free to sign up and free to post a lawn maintenance job, the only thing you will pay for is the lawn care company you decide to hire. We at GreenPal just want to connect you with your community yard maintenance professionals in Jacksonville. Lawn care is a summer occasion, and a few weeks without a lawn mowing can let the grass grow tall. With GreenPal’s scheduling, you can set up routine lawn mowings as often as you’d like. Payment even goes through GreenPal, so you never have to worry about finding a point in your day to pay the maintenance man. Also if wanting to hire a affordable yard mowing services in Lakeside, Fl or needing to hire a local yard cutting service in Ponte Vedra Fl nearby me GreenPal can help save you headace and moeny on hiring yard maintenance services in these parts of the Jacksonville, FL Metro area as well.