Kitchen Remodeling in Nampa

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At GC Tile & Stone, LLC, we offer a wide selection of options such as construction services, bathroom renovations, and kitchen remodeling. We also have the tools to alter and renovate various surfaces made from marble, granite, and stone. You can also seek our assistance in case you are facing a tile project, as we can lay and repair slates of any type. All our options, including our commercial bathroom remodeling service, are affordable.

At GC Tile & Stone, LLC, we have been servicing the Nampa, ID community for over 20 years. Today, our construction service is a paragon of quality and professionalism. We are contacted frequently by private and business customers who wish to delegate to us the execution of their upcoming renovation projects. The main reason behind our immense popularity is the fact that we always manage to meet the demands of our clients.
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