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Temple Fitness
114 SE Pkwy Ct, Ste. 110, Franklin, TN, 37064, USA
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We are a family owned, private fitness studio located in Franklin, TN, focusing on personal training and nutrition. Our goal is to cultivate a healthy and positive environment where every one of our clients is given the personalized attention they deserve. We have everything YOU need to achieve your fitness goals and be the best you can be! Services include personal training, M4 group training classes, macro nutritional coaching and more. Join us for a class or contact us to schedule personal training and nutritional coaching assessments.

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My House Fitness Oviedo
1890 County Rd 419 #2040,
Oviedo, FL 32765, United States
M-F 6AM-8PM / Sat: 6AM-2PM/ Sun: CLOSED

Each program begins with a personal fitness consultation. Here, the trainer will get to know you better, discussing with you, in-depth, your health history, exercise history, nutrition history and fitness goals. Next you will be put through a fitness assessment. Testing your cardio and fitness capabilities. After these two 30 minute sessions, your Personal Trainer will customize a program to fit your abilities and goals.

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Beginning measurements are part of our fitness package and include a photo, your body composition (fat %), measurement, BMI, weight and full body measurements. You personal trainer will repeat this procedure every 4 weeks so that you can not only see your body changing but have the numbers and photos to prove it! All of this information is stored on a secure web server where you have a private log in and password to see the
graphs of your hard work!