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Philadelphia Chimney Repair
Address: 6717 Sylvester St, Philadelphia, PA
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Short Business Description: Chimney – Masonry – General Contractor – Home Services
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Contact us for all your chimney care, maintenance, and repair needs. With our speedy and dependable service, your property’s chimney will be clean, clear, and free of any issues that may prevent you from being able to fully enjoy your fireplace. Neglecting your chimney may cause a lot of trouble and maintenance is the key to making sure that the fireplace system is not penetrated by water. Chimney contractors often perform tuckpointing as one of the procedures. This procedure involves removing damaged mortar, and the new mortar would give the stability and protection the chimney needs. Also, brickwork can also be damaged by moisture and it should also need to be replaced. Chimney repairs can be done if damaged is serious. Chimney linings get too much stress that includes heat and even deposits of flammable substances like creosote. The lining’s condition can be worsening as the moisture combines with the creosote. The lining protects home’s combustible parts from getting into the fire, so if it’s cracked, it must be replaced before you use the fireplace again. It’s hard to know if the flue is in good condition. Cracked tile chimney liners let toxic gases such as carbon monoxide escape, this can be a health hazard. Chimney reline can be done as part of the repair. It’s ordinary for homeowners to ignore or forget about the chimney when it is not in use. However, it’s important to ensure that the wood-burning system is safe and secured to use by having an inspection every year.

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Business Phone Number: 215-515-4161
Arlington Chimney Sweep
Address: 3716 Dustin Trail, Arlington, TX 76016
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Short Business Description: We designed our own brushes to help us reach the trouble spots, which are found in the liner, smoke chamber, and damper of the fireplace.
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A chimney can be a dirty place! Thankfully, Arlington Chimney Sweep can remove build-up, soot deposits, and other impediments that create blockages and prevent a fireplace from working correctly. Our company has over 15 years of experience and provides services to both residential and commercial properties. There are benefits to having done something for many years. We target the tricky spots inside the chimney where creosote build-up accumulates. We designed our own brushes to help us reach the trouble spots, which are found in the liner, smoke chamber, and damper of the fireplace. Arlington Chimney Sweep cares about keeping your home clean. We lay tarps in front of the hearth or under the chimney to collect debris and use vacuums to control dust. We keep parts organized and meticulously clean before we reassemble them. We are quick and thorough because we operate from standard procedures that are unique to each type of fireplace. Our certified service technicians are trained to spot signs of impaired ventilation, improper gas connections, and masonry decay in the chimneys. We will explain our findings and document all information. Inspections are free with every fireplace cleaning. Cleaning your chimney flue is recommended at least every 12 months and can be performed any time during the year if conditions are safe.

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Business Phone Number: 8173859722
Boston Chimney Repair
Address: 78 Myrtle St, Apt 5, Boston, MA
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We repair custom masonry fireplaces within strict adherence to building codes that specify for clearance of combustible materials, mortar types, distance between firebricks, dimensions and materials of firebox and flue, and seismic reinforcing. It is important when installing a new chimney insert that the dimensions of the flue match the new output. You can trust that your fireplace insert will be installed the safe and correct way because we are licensed professionals and do this type of work every day. Boston area residents will be met with a dedicated professional with experience in repairing chimney materials of all varieties. Damaged flashing is a major source of water damage and flooding, but it poses other issues as well. In some extreme cases, damaged flashing can cause the entire chimney to collapse! So, don’t put off your fireplace repair. Contact Boston Chimney Repair to fix any worn, damaged, or missing flashing. We are also proud and active members of the Chimney Sweep Guild. The NCSG is dedicated to encouraging professionalism, ethical accountability, and advancing the chimney and venting industry. The NCSG also provides progressive services for its guild members. Backed by the National Chimney Sweep Guild, our company is the obvious choice for customers who want honest and reliable fireplace repair services.

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Business Phone Number: 617-648-5552