EHR technology

Core Solutions, Inc.
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In a single, integrated technology platform, Core Cx360 enables behavioral health provider organizations and HHS agencies to increase access, reduce costs and improve outcomes

Core Solutions is the progressive leader in transforming the health and human services experience for behavioral health providers, consumers and state agencies. Core’s integrated EHR software, Cx360, offers advanced population health and information management to achieve improved outcomes and relationships between providers, consumers and payers. Cx360’s consumer-centric interface simplifies the end-to-end HHS experience, delivers integrated care coordination, improves consumer engagement and streamlines reimbursement processes.

At Core Solutions, we know that a successful EHR experience is contingent upon choosing the best partner, which is why we offer three major advantages for achieving a better EHR experience:

Technology: As the newest HHS/BH focused EHR available, we offer a completely integrated and state-of-the-art enterprise EHR technology platform that is equipped to deliver and incorporate all ‘big company’ functionalities that your organization will require as the future of HIT and care delivery mandates evolve.
Implementation: Time-tested and proven to deliver repeatable business processes, we help your company create an effective environment for change and set your organization up for success with realistic timelines, accountability and governance.
Support: Our reliable and active problem solvers realize and rely on the predictive intelligence offered by your Core EHR solution. Our timely responses to your requests ensure day-to-day continuity as your system transitions meaningful use into meaningful results on a daily basis.
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