drug and alcohol treatment

Heartland Recovery Center
2068 Lucas Parkway
Dealing with addiction can be difficult. You do not have to face addiction alone, let us help.

Welcome to the Heartland Recovery Experience. We are a unique blend of qualified professionals who have come together to answer one primary question. Can we provide an environment where the most difficult of clients can embrace an authentic connection to a recovery path that is unique to them? At our specially-designed outpatient care facility, we can help you overcome your addiction and experience real life change.

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Lighthouse Recovery Institute
1609 South Congress Ave, Boynton Beach, Florida, 33426, USA
A Florida Drug & Alchol Treatment Center

A Florida Drug & Alchol Treatment Center. Our passionate team of doctors, therapists and drug rehabilitation center specialists provide the highest quality care for everyone who walks through our doors. Lighthouse Recovery Institute is, simply put, redefining how drug rehab in Florida operates.

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