Designer Wood Boxes in St Helens

Distinct designer boxes built by hand with real wood, stained to match your décor and designed with metal hardware and either wood pieces or custom carving. A small inventory is kept on hand but if you provide specifications your designer box will be completed and delivered to you within 3-5 business days.

Distinctive Renovations was inspired from the love of old, historical homes which have history. Taking a finished carpentry class to renovate an old school house as my home was the inspiration. My husband spent 20+ years in the mortgage business and always had wonderful insight into value of making an environment inviting, comfortable and special. He also spent time in the Military and I have travelled extensively in my career. Being able to have something to bring with you for your personal items such as stationary, camera, books or more to set in your temporary environment makes it feel a bit more comfortable and homey some would say.
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