concrete griding rochester ny

930 Howard Rd
Rochester, NY 14624
Rochester, NY based company providing concrete polishing, grinding and shotblasting as well as natural stone floor refinishing and epoxy floor installations.

Welcome to Rochester Concrete Prep. As our name suggest – we provide a wide range of services including concrete polishing, shotblasting and grinding in Rochester, NY and surrounding cities to our industrial, commercial and residential customers.

Besides the concrete prep services we offer epoxy floor installation services. You can choose from a wide range of epoxy flooring including (but not limited to) designer metallic epoxy, high performance and textured quartz as well as solid color stout.

Furthermore, we are fully equipped and skilled in natural stone refinishing. We have helped many homeowners to restore the natural beauty of their stone floors. This takes special skill, trained technician and the right equipment. Otherwise, you will not get the result you expected.

If you have questions about our services feel free to contact us. If needed we will come to your home or business and discuss the details with you in person.

Rochester Concrete Prep
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