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Wine Cellar Specialists
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We are experts that you can trust when it comes to wine storage. Being in the industry for years, we stand by our standards to provide only the best wine storage products and services.

For many years, Wine Cellar Specialists has been producing some of the best quality custom wine cellars in the industry. We started in 2010, building one masterpiece after another, meeting our customers expectations and giving out satisfaction in each project that we get. Our team works close with other wine cellar builders, and with brands that manufactures reliable wine cellar refrigeration systems. We care about your wine stock investment and we want to help you protect your wine bottles the right way. Heat is the number one enemy of wine and too much exposure can make your vintages go bad easily. In order to avoid that, a lot of homeowners and commercial businesses come to us for their wine cellar needs. Whether you need help with your Wine Cellar Cooling Unit, or want to have a Custom Wine Cellar inside your home, store or restaurant, Wine Cellar Specialists is here for you.

We pay attention to your ideas. Each project begins with a free consultation with us providing you your own 3D design for better visualization. Planning is a vital step, to clarify your needs and wants. How many bottles would be stored and what size would the bottles be? Do you wish to have a wine tasting room inside your cellar? Where would the wine cellar be located? Don’t sweat as our personnel are trained to handle any kind of space and provide solutions to pitfalls that may arise during the building process. Worried about how much it would cost? With efficient and careful planning, we can avoid unnecessary or unforeseen expenses. It is important that we know your priorities for this custom wine cellar.

We take pride in working hand-in-hand with our customers to make sure they get what they deserve. We help you get the most out of your wine investment either through a personal or financial perspective. Want to know more? Give us a call today, at 404-724-5698. For all your wine cellar needs, trust only the specialists!