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Our Drug Rehab Centers are designed to help you identify potential barriers to your success in ending your addiction. You will benefit from the following types of support when you seek professional treatment at Northside addiction treatment center in Houston, Texas.

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Brooklyn, NY


As a person realizes that they need help to overcome a particular dependency, our drug rehabilitation center in Brooklyn, New York will play a crucial role to help them overcome drug use and achieve freedom. Novak Recovery drug rehab centers are where individuals in need can go to recover so that they can return to society and lead a happy, healthy life.

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Mission Harbor Behavioral Health
403 E Montecito St, Suite A, Santa Barbara, CA, 93101, USA
Santa Barbara Mental Health Treatment Services

Mission Harbor Behavioral Health is a leading outpatient treatment facility serving the Greater Santa Barbara Area. Our experienced staff offers multimodal approaches and the utmost quality of care for both men and women of all ages, with flexible treatment plans that cater to patient needs. Treatment programs offer help to those struggling with substance abuse, alcoholism, depression, trauma, co-occurring disorders process addictions, and an array of other mental and behavioral health issues.
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Alpha NeuroHealth Clinic
169 W 2710 S Cir Suite 201
Alpha NeuroHealth Clinic provides neurofeedback to adults, teenagers and children. The main aim of Alpha NeuroHealth Clinic is to help people feel better, have more energy and a more positive life.

The neurofeedback provided by Alpha NeuroHealth Clinic includes 19 channels that help cure people by reaching deep into their minds. Alpha NeuroHealth Clinic helps treat people who suffer with insomnia, PTSD, migraines, autism, or porn addiction.
Opus Recovery Newport Beach
3400 Irvine Ave Suite 118
Newport Beach, CA

Opus Recovery Newport Beach is one of the leading detox centers in Orange County , California.

Opus Recovery Newport Beach is one of the leading detox centers in Orange County , California. Based in Newport Beach we have beautiful weather all year which allows us to offer.