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BEYOND provides a complete event design service

BEYOND provides a complete event design service using the latest technology in lighting, video production and audio visual. From conception to design to final execution, BEYOND offers a creative collaboration with our superior attention to detail and the finest in customer service.
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National Courier
ST-4/B, Block-6, Scheme 5,Clifton, Karachi 75600, Pakistan
NC – National Courier is a newspaper hailing from Pakistan dedicated to Pakistan news and stories from all around the world.

National Courier is a daily English-language newspaper hailing from Pakistan. The newspaper produces authentic, compelling and insightful stories from across the globe. The newspaper is updated every hour, adding to its ever-growing list of publications. At National Courier, we practice journalism that is transparent, factual and unabashed.

We aspire to project a positive image of Pakistan to the world by upholding the values we believe in. We house journalists and editors who boast a wealthy experience of reporting critical national and foreign matters. Our motto is to preach nothing but the truth, no matter how bitter may it be. The newspaper comes with visually striking artwork that reinforces the content.

The newspaper covers a variety of subject matter – from politics to current affairs, business to economy and sports to entertainment. At National Courier, we strive to bring you the most accurate and unbiased piece of information from the world and the worlds beyond!
Glimpse Extra Media (GlimpseX)
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GlimpseX – The Infotainment Motive Channel – Your Channel for NEWS, SPORT, Information and Entertainment. 24/7 livestream of Information and Entertainment.
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Media Company

Media Company

Frogman Media Group
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For most small and mid-size businesses it is not feasible to take on the time consuming necessity of Social Media.

For most small and mid-size businesses it is not feasible to take on the time consuming necessity of Social Media. Be it know-how, man power, time constraints, creative block, or a lack of graphic or technical skills, Frogman Media Group relieves you of the challenge to stay current and prominent online. We blog, post, manage and analyze your social media spaces regularly. We become an extension of your team. A social media arm you can rely on to sustain your professional online presence, allowing you to focus on what you do best.