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Flow Mark Vacuum Trucks
Address: 827 S. 7th St – Kansas City KS

Short Business Description: FlowMark manufactures vacuum trucks for portable restroom operators, septic service companies, carwash pit cleaners, oilfield service companies, grease trap operations- the essential service providers of our country.
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FlowMark was born from a single goal: to create the highest quality vacuum trucks in the industry. With over 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space and a highly qualified team with decades of experience under their belts. At any given time, we have hundreds of in-stock chassis, tanks and ready-to-work vacuum trucks at our facility.

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Business Phone Number: (833) 653-8100
Topper Vending Machine Lock Manufacturer Co., Ltd.
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Vending Machine Lock Manufacturer specialized in the design, manufacturing and selling of vending machine locks and keys with the highest quality. Our products include vending T-Handle Locks, Cylinder Locks, Plunger Locks, Plug Locks, Patent Locks, etc. You can find these vending locks in places such as vending/game machine, ATM machine, automatic water machine, automatic book machine, automatic CD machine, intelligent terminal, electrical equipment, etc. Our company has a complete quality control system for all products, for we take quality as our first priority. And we provide the best service for our customers. with the outstanding vending machine lock services we offer, our vending locks are both very famous domestic and abroad. you can explore our site to know more about us.

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Topper Cam Locks Manufacturer Co., Ltd.
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Topper Locks is a leading cam lock manufacturer in China, specializing in designing and manufacturing cam lock for more than years, providing various categories of cam lock including tubular cam lock, flat key cam lock, digital combination cam lock, pin tumbler cam lock and disc tumbler cam lock, which are made of high quality materials, like zinc alloy, brass, stainless steel, etc. Topper Lockers is located in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China where having good harbor and airport, convenient for transportation so that out products can be delivered to customers in time. Topper is one-stop cam lock solutions partner for global customers.

Topper Locks has passed the international quality certification ISO 9001:2008. Topper Locks has already established quality control and assurance system, which is carried out in all procedures and processes of production and management, ensuring that all of products provided customers have high quality.

We also purchased advanced quality control equipment for ensuring quality of cam lock, including life span tester, microscope, projector, Rockwell meter, salt spray tester, torsion tester, etc.

Toppper Locks also has strong capability of R & D and manufacturing. We have advantages on conventional locking mechanism. With the Customer-oriented development and high capacity on the production of mould, common lathe, auto-lathe, punch, die-casting and assembly.
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Topper LDPE Pipe Manufacturer Co., Ltd.
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As Largest LDPE pipe manufacturer in China, Topper LDPE Pipe Manufacturer Company concentrates on LDPE irrigation pipes & tubes manufacturing for agricultural water-saving irrigation, garden irrigation and greenhouse irrigation systems.

Established in 1996, Topper LDPE Pipe Manufacturer Company is located in Xiamen, Fujian province, China, and covers an area of 40,000 square meters with R & D departments, mould workshops, product manufacturing workshops, quality control workshops and agricultural experiment stations. Moreover, Topper has built sound technical cooperative relationships with famous manufacturers and R & D organizations such as Syngenta, Netafim, Rainbird and Priva.

Certificated by ISO 9001 in 2011, Topper has established comprehensive scientific systems of research and development as well as quality control. Moreover, we also exported our products to over 60 countries and regions as well as earn a good reputation from customers.

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Cardboard Baling Wire
Address: 383 N Corona Street, Suite 707, Denver, CO
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Cardboard Baling Wire is a nationwide supplier of USA made single loop bale ties, cardboard ties, black annealed auto-tie wire, black annealed stump wire and hi-ten carrier wire. We offer manufacturers, recyclers, scrap yards and more 24/7 access online to manage and streamline their wire orders. Number One Suppliers in Cardboard Baling Wire & Bale Ties Cardboard Baling Wire has the reputation of being number one for a reason. Our work isn’t simply focused on providing the best baling wire for the best prices. That is imperative, admittedly, but we place an equally strong emphasis on customer service. This approach to service is why no other baling wire suppliers can match our overall quality. Along with sending out orders swiftly to all corners of the United States, we are always ready to supply expert guidance when needed. The Importance of Cardboard Baling When it comes to recycling equipment for cardboard, baling wire is an essential component. They are used in combination with a baler, binding together compressed cardboard, so it is ready for disposal. While their task seems relatively simple, the baling wire for cardboard balers needs to be flexible, versatile, and high-performance. Not only is it necessary to withstand the elements, but cardboard baling wire also has to keep the cardboard safe and secure for when it is stored and transported. Due to the individual needs of businesses, plus the variance in baler machinery, there are different types of baling wire available. As the number one cardboard baling wire supplier in the country, we make it our mission to have every type of product in stock. Our Selection of Baling Wire is Unparalleled At Cardboard Baling Wire, we recognize that our customers have various different baler wire needs. This is why we have a wide range of cardboard baling wire for sale. This begins with the wire thickness, known as the wire gauge. Whether you require a 14 gauge baling wire for a vertical cardboard baler or an 11 gauge baling wire for a horizontal baler, we have you covered. What’s the difference between the numbers? Although it can get confusing, it’s important to remember that the lower the number, the thicker the baling wire. For instance, a 10 gauge baling wire is thicker than a 12 gauge baling wire. As the premier cardboard baling wire suppliers in the US, our range of products also incorporates various baling types. Our hi-tensile carrier wire provides high tensile strength to withstand even the most demanding situations and can be utilized in double-ram balers. For single ram auto tie balers, our black annealed box wire is the ideal solution. Galvanized single loop bale ties provide versatility alongside an affordable entry point. Not sure what thickness or finish you require? Feel free to contact us. As a baling wire for cardboard balers specialist, we will be able to guide you towards the correct gauge, length, and wire type to match your requirements. Thanks to our experts, you no longer have to wonder about which galvanized single loop bale is best or what is suitable for only vertical balers.

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Business Phone Number: (833) 225-3843
Johnston Boiler Company
Address: 300 Pine St, Ferrysburg, Michigan
Short Business Description: Top quality boiler manufacturing since 1864
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Johnston Boiler Company manufactures the worlds largest Scotch marine firetube boiler. Johnston pioneered the first water backed boiler over 100 years ago and the first packaged boiler over 65 years ago. Johnston boilers are built to last and carry the only 15-year warranty in the industry. In addition to the quality and dependability, the conservative design provides excellent fuel to steam efficiency resulting in the best life cycle costs in the industry.

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Business Phone Number: 6168425050
Business Fax: (616) 842-1854
Plumber in Moreno Valley
Address: 2021 Wildwood Street, MORENO VALLEY, California

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Plumber in Moreno Valley offers a set of technical assistance and prompt intervention services (24/7 and 365 days a year) available

for the whole Moreno Valley territory and surrounding areas. Contact us now for a free quote or call us to receive instant

professional advice.

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Business Phone Number: 951-981-6677