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Smartsims Business Simulations
Smartsims Business Simulations
Smartsims Business Simulations Drive Student Engagement & Accelerate Learning

Smartsims is a pioneer in the simulation industry, with over 20 years of experience. Our family of online business simulations feature in universities, colleges, high schools and companies around the world. Our simulations (MikesBikes Introduction, MikesBikes Advanced, Music2Go Marketing, MikesBikes Accounting and AdSim Advertising) cater for all course types, levels, sizes and delivery methods. Smartsims partners with course instructors to assist with integration, develop structure and content, backed by the best customer service you will experience. Every member of our team is business degree-qualified and our support team is available around the clock. To truly grasp the impact strategy and management decision decision-making have on business outcomes, students need real-world experience. Smartsims Business Simulations provide a virtual setting for students to bridge theories and concepts taught in class with real-life experience. Within this environment, students develop their own strategies and make all the key decisions for their company as they compete against other students in the course. This empowers them to take responsibility for their learning and become personally engaged with the content. The competitive aspect motivates students to understand concepts at a deeper level and creates memorable learning experiences.

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