Westfalia Technologies Inc
Westfalia Technologies Inc

Westfalia Technologies Inc serves businesses to provide the latest warehouse automation solutions in the United States. Give us a call today for a consultation and visit our website to learn more.

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Hub Group
Hub Group
A $3.5 billion transportation company serving North America

Hub Group is a leading transportation management company with over 46 years of experience in intermodal, truck brokerage, and logistics services. We can provide you with access to a fleet of more than 32,000 of our 53-foot freight containers and over 90,300 rail assets that offer the most flexible and reliable shipping service. Visit our website today for more information.

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A leading supply chain and logistics company

Unyson is a leading 3PL that specializes in elevating supply chain performance through the use of industry-leading practices and state of the art technology. we provide management solutions that deliver results while guaranteeing supply chain savings. Visit our website for more information today.

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CLN Solutions
CLN Solutions
CLN Solutions provides warehousing, distribution, transloading, and cross-docking solutions in Charleston, SC. Companies that are importing products into Charleston or exporting their products from Charleston and needing assistance with warehousing and distribution would be prospective clients for CLN Solutions.

CLN Solutions is a third party logistic company which has 80 combined years of logistics, warehousing and transportation experience. The company is built on a simple understanding that no business is the same and therefore, no company’s logistic needs are the same.

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CLN Solutions
Safety Through Technology – idrive manufactures professional video event recorders, dash cams & vehicle camera systems to monitor fleets. Providing real-time video and telematics for our clients.

About idrive

idrive provides professional video event recorders, dash cams and vehicle video recorders to give companies the ability to monitor their fleet from anywhere. Know that you have the best drivers and be sure your fleet is in good hands with live look-in and live GPS tracking. Save time, fuel & money with real-time telematics and user friendly data charts.

The idrive X2 dual video event recorder has the ability to record triggered and continuous events, live GPS location, video, vehicle telematics data and real-time look-in with idrive’s state of the art Visual Telematics service. Streamline your commercial fleet by reviewing videos, training drivers and monitoring your fleet. idrive’s complete vehicle video system is designed to save fleet owners time and money. The X2 video event recorder captures events before, during and after they occur skipping the time between events so managers do not waste time searching hours of footage. This allows fleet owners and managers to review daily driving events in only a few minutes. The X2 dash camera is used by limo, taxi, bus, motor coach, chauffeur, semi trucks, emergency, ambulance and big rigs.

idrive D-series D4 Mobile DVR Unit provides dedicated 4 camera, continuous recording of your fleet vehicles inside and outside and comes with a security enclosure. The LCD TV display inside the cab can help drivers avoid backing collisions, side-swipes and monitor passengers. The D4 is used by many large vehicles: motorcoach, bus, intermodal, industrial, and crane.

idrive or idrive Global works to fulfill needs within the fleet industry and bringing their clients cutting edge technology to save money, reduce fraud, and monitor their fleet. For more information on idrive products visit www.idriveGlobal.com

Increase Productivity, Reduce Fuel Consumption, Reduce Fraud, Receive Insurance Discounts.

idrive cameras and monitoring software gives you the security that your drivers are performing well and your fleet is in good hands.

Services: idrive is the creator and manufacturer of vehicle video systems for fleet companies.

idrive X2 – Dual HD dash camera with live video, GPS and telematics.
idrive D4 – 4 camera DVR system for large vehicles.

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