Duluth Landscapers
Duluth Landscapers
We have long been dedicated to bringing a specialized and quality service to homes across the Duluth area, and to give our clients an accessible service that you can afford. We believe that the services we provide do more than just make your property look better, but rather serves to extend your quality of life, to give you an appreciation for your property, and to bring you the necessary services you need to enrich your life.

Our homes are our own personal sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of life, and one of the benefits of owning our own property is the ability to change and reorder the look and feel of the area to better suit our needs. When looking to accomplish this on your Duluth area land, then getting the right help from the right professionals can make the difference between having your property landscaped, and having it turned into the area that you’ve been dreaming of. We have long been helping homeowners across the Duluth area when it comes to landscaping, and have established ourselves a reputation of dependability and professionalism when it comes to our services.

16-1/2 E 6th St, Duluth, MN 55805
(218) 306-7067
Steven Saccio Photography
Steven Saccio Photography
Your image is everything!

Steven Saccio Photography is a certified professional on location and in studio photographer specializing in Portrait, Commercial, Wedding, Real Estate, Artistic and Virtual 360 Imagery. He has been a full time small business in Tallahassee for over half a decade but a freelance photographer in Florida for over fifteen years. He specializes in unique and bold digital imagery in both digital and large print products. He is also a Google Trusted Photographer, a Board member at Tallahassee Professional Photographers Guild and a member of Professional Photographers of American and Florida Professional Photographers.

541 East Tennessee St, Tallahassee, Florida, 32308, USA
(407) 421-0476
Atlanta Landscape and Fertilization
Atlanta Landscape and Fertilization

Atlanta Landscape and Fertilization is the premier commercial and residential landscaping company in North Georgia. If you are looking for help making sure that you have a beautiful lawn all year long, then ALF can help. With our landscape maintenance, lawn aeration, and other lawn care services, you can make sure that you have a great yard and surrounding landscape. We are dedicated to making sure that you have a healthy landscape by providing quality maintenance, landscape design, and setting a proper fertilizer and weed control schedule. If you want a landscaping business that is dedicated to provide a healthy lawn for the long term, then ALF is here for you.
A great start to making sure you have a great landscape is through our landscape maintenance services. The affordable services that we provide give you all the resources that you need to keep your lawn in great shape. During the fall, you can get professional leaf removal services to make sure that your lawn is not killed by the lack of sunlight and warmth. During peak grass growth seasons, we provide lawn mowing service to make sure that your grass stays at proper lengths for growth and health. You can also get incredible pine straw and mulching to help your plants and shrubs thrive by having a proper environment to grow. Finally, our landscape maintenance is able to provide pruning services and cut back overgrowth to make sure that your trees and shrubs are safe and healthy. With our expert landscapers, your lawn and landscape will look great and thrive all year.
ALF also provides the most complete turf management services that promote lawn health. Starting with core aeration and seeding services, we make sure that your lawn’s root systems get the proper nutrients for healthy growth. With our fertilization services, you guarantee that all of the nutrients that promote lawn growth get into your system. Then you can get the weed control services you need to keep weeds from stealing your plants and grass’ nutrients and stopping their growth. Another key part of our turf management services is our insect and fire ant control. Pests can destroy a landscape, but our experts get rid of them and keep them away. This also helps with diseases that can harm your plants. Finally, we provide tree and shrub care that makes sure that your entire landscape is looking its best.
All of these services are great, but if you want the best landscape then our landscape design and installation services are what you need. There is no one better at creating creative and interesting landscapes in North Georgia. Our team creates designs that fit your budget and are highly functional while looking interesting and pleasing to your style choice. With drainage and retaining walls, we make sure that your landscape uses water properly. We also install irrigation systems that make sure that your sprinkler system is effective and works properly.
So, give us a call today to get North Georgia’s finest landscape installation and maintenance services.

40 Hightower Pkwy, Ste B, Dawsonville, GA 30534