Squat Easy

Squat Easy
Squat Easy
Squat Easy toilet step helps you to get into a natural toilet posture allowing your colon to optimally eliminate body waste comfortably, fast, and at ease.

Squat Easy toilet stools offer unmatchable benefits for healthy and complete defecation.

• The squat position is found to be the most efficient defecation position as it creates a natural angle of the colon without bends.

• This step helps you attain the squat toilet position that prevents many bowel diseases like hemorrhoids, pelvic floor problems, and constipation.

• Squat Easy offers the right height for helping your kids to climb to the toilet easily and at the same time helps the elders to assume the perfect squat position.

• The antibacterial element in its manufacturing lets you experience a healthy toilet practice.

• A clean and waste free colon is essential for normal body function. It prevents weight gain and bloating since squatting ensures complete removal of waste, you have an opportunity to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

• Squatting is a natural position for defecation as it causes the puborectalis muscle to relax that otherwise chokes the rectum causing the passage for defecation to be blocked.

• Squatting keeps the valve between the colon and the small intestine closed thus prevents any contamination of the small intestine.

The SquatEasy toilet step is sure to meet your healthy defecation needs offering perfect posture. It provides proper height to your feet, pushing the knees upwards so that your colon may attain the proper squatting angle.

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